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About Us

Preserving Community History One Conversation At A Time

The CT Crossroads Project, was founded on notion that everyone’s memories matter. To accomplish this, we preserve community history through casual conversation. Come and chat with us and leave something behind.

Why Community History?

Simply put:  Communities don't care.

Communities don't care who your parents were.  Communities don't care how long you've lived within a geographic area.  Communities are something we belong to that are not always physical and not always easy to pinpoint, but it is something we all share.

Why Casual Conversations (Not interviews)? 

The answer to this is twofold:  First: there is power in the sound of voice.  Second: through conversations, not interviews we gain a more real glimpse into who we are as a community and people.

What are you waiting for? 

You don't think you have anything important to say?  You are worried that you have to come prepared?  There is beauty in the mundane.  Your memories are important.  Why are you leaving it to others to tell your story?  We'll guide the conversation and fill in any empty space.

Please Touch Base. 

We would love to talk with you.

Chris Alex
chris@ctcrossroadsproject.com alex@ctcrossroadsproject.com