About Us

Dear Friends,

There is power in voice. We all have the experience of longing to hear someone’s voice again, hear their personal experience. This is not exclusive to a loved one who has passed on. How many of us want to hear the voice of our children when they were young? Or a friend or spouse at a certain time? Perhaps we can retell these memories, but without their voice, they are merely shells, lacking important inflection, subtle pauses and the occasional laugh.

The Connecticut Crossroads Project seeks to document the individual experience of people young and old to preserve the history of community through casual conversations. More importantly than ever, we can use these memories to understand our communities, to understand each other.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Chris Fisher
Founder and President

Our Mission

Connecticut Crossroads Project

We preserve the history of Connecticut’s communities through casual, one-on-one and group conversations as well as recorded, personal memory. The responsibility of the organization is to ensure the preservation of, and make accessible these memories and conversations in perpetuity.