What Is "The Fair?"


The Bridgewate Fair Grounds, August 2020

     Since 1951, families, friends, and the community as a whole have come together to celebrate Bridgewater, its agricultural heritage, and the Volunteer Fire Department. 

     Before the fair was created, the Fire Department relied on small fundraisers such as square dances and roast beef dinners.  However, in order to maintain their financial independence, the group realized they needed to focus on something they could draw revenue from yearly.  The fair began as a small carnival, evolving and changing into the event it is today.  

     Despite these changes, the fair is still rooted in the support of many.  All of the organizations in Bridgewater are built on the generosity of those who love them.  BVFD, for sure, has a signifigant pull, welcoming countless volunteers from communities near and far to make this "culminating event of the summer" a reality.

But, what is "the fair?"